Today is a bad day

1577 – Sir Francis Drake sets sail from Plymouth, England, on his round-the-world voyage. --- Good: 0.899257, Bad: 0.100743 1636 – The Massachusetts Bay Colony organizes three militia regiments to defend the colony against the Pequot Indians. This organization is recognized today as the founding of the National Guard of the United States. --- Good: 0.999986, Bad: 1.4e-05 1642 – Abel Tasman reaches New Zealand. --- Good: 0.74257, Bad: 0.25743 1769 – Dartmouth College is founded by the Reverend Eleazar Wheelock, with a royal charter from King George III, on land donated by Royal governor John Wentworth. --- Good: 0.773129, Bad: 0.226871 1818 – Cyril VI of Constantinople resigns from his position as Ecumenical Patriarch. --- Good: 0.997695, Bad: 0.002305 1862 – American Civil War: At the Battle of Fredericksburg, Confederate General Robert E. Lee defeats Union Major General Ambrose Burnside. --- Good: 0.996362, Bad: 0.003638 1928 – George Gershwin's An American in Paris is first performed. --- Good: 0.989735, Bad: 0.010265 1938 – The Holocaust: The Neuengamme concentration camp opens in the Bergedorf district of Hamburg, Germany. --- Good: 0.808215, Bad: 0.191785 1939 – World War II: Battle of the River Plate: Captain Hans Langsdorff of the German Deutschland-class cruiser (pocket battleship) Admiral Graf Spee engages with Royal Navy cruisers HMS Exeter, HMS Ajax and HMNZS Achilles. --- Good: 0.53123, Bad: 0.46877 1949 – The Knesset votes to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. --- Good: 0.976079, Bad: 0.023921 1959 – Archbishop Makarios III becomes the first President of Cyprus. --- Good: 0.987018, Bad: 0.012982 1960 – While Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia visits Brazil, his Imperial Bodyguard seizes the capital and proclaims him deposed and his son, Crown Prince Asfa Wossen, Emperor. --- Good: 0.994528, Bad: 0.005472 1962 – NASA launches Relay 1, the first active repeater communications satellite in orbit. --- Good: 0.998926, Bad: 0.001074 1974 – Malta becomes a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations. --- Good: 0.999074, Bad: 0.000926 1981 – General Wojciech Jaruzelski declares martial law in Poland, largely due to the actions by Solidarity. --- Good: 0.929199, Bad: 0.070802 1988 – PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat gives a speech at a UN General Assembly meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, after United States authorities refused to grant him a visa to visit UN headquarters in New York. --- Good: 0.986842, Bad: 0.013158 2002 – European Union enlargement: The EU announces that Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia will become members from May 1, 2004. --- Good: 0.997574, Bad: 0.002426
902 – Battle of the Holme: Anglo-Saxon forces are defeated by Danish Vikings under Æthelwold (a son of Æthelred of Wessex) who is killed in battle. --- Bad: 0.999599, Good: 0.000401 1294 – Saint Celestine V resigns the papacy after only five months to return to his previous life as an ascetic hermit. --- Bad: 0.650291, Good: 0.349709 1545 – Council of Trent begins. --- Bad: 0.970091, Good: 0.029909 1643 – English Civil War: The Battle of Alton takes place in Hampshire. --- Bad: 0.556338, Good: 0.443662 1758 – The English transport ship Duke William sinks in the North Atlantic, killing over 360 people. --- Bad: 0.999521, Good: 0.000479 1867 – A Fenian bomb explodes in Clerkenwell, London, killing six. --- Bad: 0.999614, Good: 0.000386 1937 – Second Sino-Japanese War: Battle of Nanking: The city of Nanjing, defended by the National Revolutionary Army under the command of General Tang Shengzhi, falls to the Japanese. This is followed by the Nanking Massacre, in which Japanese troops rape and slaughter hundreds of thousands of civilians. --- Bad: 0.998892, Good: 0.001108 1943 – World War II: The Massacre of Kalavryta by German occupying forces in Greece. --- Bad: 0.996218, Good: 0.003782 1967 – Constantine II of Greece attempts an unsuccessful counter-coup against the Regime of the Colonels. --- Bad: 0.985789, Good: 0.014211 1968 – Brazilian President Artur da Costa e Silva issues AI-5 (Institutional Act No. 5), enabling government by decree and suspending habeas corpus. --- Bad: 0.947291, Good: 0.052709 1972 – Apollo program: Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt begin the third and final extra-vehicular activity (EVA) or "Moonwalk" of Apollo 17. To date they are the last humans to set foot on the Moon. --- Bad: 0.627474, Good: 0.372526 1977 – Air Indiana Flight 216 crashes near Evansville Regional Airport, killing 29, including the University of Evansville basketball team, support staff, and boosters of the team. --- Bad: 0.997906, Good: 0.002094 1982 – The 6.0 Ms North Yemen earthquake shakes southwestern Yemen with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe), killing 2,800, and injuring 1,500. --- Bad: 0.999917, Good: 8.3e-05 1989 – The Troubles: Attack on Derryard checkpoint: The Provisional Irish Republican Army launches an attack on a British Army temporary vehicle checkpoint near Rosslea, Northern Ireland. Two British soldiers are killed and two others are wounded. --- Bad: 1.0, Good: 0.0 2001 – Sansad Bhavan, the building housing the Indian Parliament, is attacked by terrorists. Twelve people are killed, including the terrorists. --- Bad: 0.982481, Good: 0.017519 2003 – Iraq War: Operation Red Dawn: Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is captured near his home town of Tikrit. --- Bad: 0.516036, Good: 0.483964 2011 – A murder–suicide in Liège, Belgium, kills six and wounds 125 people at a Christmas market. --- Bad: 0.999535, Good: 0.000465 2013 – Arapahoe High School shooting: Murder-suicide: A female student seeking the librarian is shot dead in a hallway by another student after the librarian had demoted him on the debate team. The shooter takes his own life shortly afterwards. --- Bad: 0.686635, Good: 0.313365
This web application pulls today's historical events from wikipedia and runs each thru Google's Natural Language Processing API to determine sentiment. Based on the net sentiment, it tells you if today was a good day in history. Note: I exercise no editorial control over what is good, bad or neutral. It's just an algorithm. Items are updated each day at approx. 12:30am.