Today is a good day

762 – Led by Muhammad al-Nafs al-Zakiyya, the Hasanid branch of the Alids begins the Alid Revolt against the Abbasid Caliphate. --- Good: 0.944306, Bad: 0.055694 1066 – The Battle of Stamford Bridge marks the end of the Viking invasions of England. --- Good: 0.990569, Bad: 0.009431 1237 – England and Scotland sign the Treaty of York, establishing the location of their common border. --- Good: 0.998927, Bad: 0.001073 1396 – Ottoman Emperor Bayezid I defeats a Christian army at the Battle of Nicopolis. --- Good: 0.736027, Bad: 0.263973 1513 – Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa reaches what would become known as the Pacific Ocean. --- Good: 0.894376, Bad: 0.105624 1555 – The Peace of Augsburg is signed in Augsburg by Charles V and the princes of the Schmalkaldic League. --- Good: 0.999622, Bad: 0.000378 1690 – Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick, the first newspaper to appear in the Americas, is published for the first and only time. --- Good: 0.999783, Bad: 0.000217 1775 – American Revolutionary War: Ethan Allen surrenders to British forces after attempting to capture Montreal during the Battle of Longue-Pointe. Benedict Arnold and his expeditionary company set off from Fort Western, bound for Quebec City. --- Good: 0.696132, Bad: 0.303868 1789 – The United States Congress passes twelve amendments to the United States Constitution: The Congressional Apportionment Amendment (which was never ratified), the Congressional Compensation Amendment, and the ten that are known as the Bill of Rights. --- Good: 0.847379, Bad: 0.152621 1790 – Peking opera is born when the Four Great Anhui Troupes introduce Anhui opera to Beijing in honor of the Qianlong Emperor's eightieth birthday. --- Good: 0.991424, Bad: 0.008576 1804 – The Teton Sioux (a subdivision of the Lakota) demand one of the boats from the Lewis and Clark Expedition as a toll for allowing the expedition to move further upriver. --- Good: 0.999771, Bad: 0.000229 1890 – The United States Congress establishes Sequoia National Park. --- Good: 0.998409, Bad: 0.001591 1906 – Leonardo Torres y Quevedo demonstrates the Telekino, guiding a boat from the shore, in what is considered to be the first use of a remote control. --- Good: 0.998908, Bad: 0.001092 1912 – Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism is founded in New York City. --- Good: 0.99744, Bad: 0.00256 1926 – The international Convention to Suppress the Slave Trade and Slavery is first signed. --- Good: 0.9998, Bad: 0.0002 1929 – Jimmy Doolittle performs the first blind flight from Mitchel Field proving that full instrument flying from take off to landing is possible. --- Good: 0.999949, Bad: 5.1e-05 1944 – World War II: Surviving elements of the British 1st Airborne Division withdraw from Arnhem in the Netherlands, thus ending the Battle of Arnhem and Operation Market Garden. --- Good: 0.912944, Bad: 0.087056 1955 – The Royal Jordanian Air Force is founded. --- Good: 0.995629, Bad: 0.004371 1956 – TAT-1, the first submarine transatlantic telephone cable system, is inaugurated. --- Good: 0.996138, Bad: 0.003862 1962 – The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is formally proclaimed. Ferhat Abbas is elected President of the provisional government. --- Good: 0.999492, Bad: 0.000508 1962 – The North Yemen Civil War begins when Abdullah al-Sallal dethrones the newly crowned Imam al-Badr and declares Yemen a republic under his presidency. --- Good: 0.653414, Bad: 0.346586 1963 – Lord Denning releases the UK government's official report on the Profumo Affair. --- Good: 0.792904, Bad: 0.207096 1969 – The charter establishing the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is signed. --- Good: 0.991423, Bad: 0.008577 1974 – The first ulnar collateral ligament replacement surgery (Tommy John surgery) performed, on baseball player Tommy John. --- Good: 0.925259, Bad: 0.074741 1977 – About 4,200 people take part in the first running of the Chicago Marathon. --- Good: 0.924185, Bad: 0.075815 1981 – Belize joins the United Nations. --- Good: 0.946859, Bad: 0.053141 1992 – NASA launches the Mars Observer, a $511 million probe to Mars, in the first U.S. mission to the planet in 17 years. Eleven months later, the probe would fail. --- Good: 1.0, Bad: 0.0
275 – In Rome (after the assassination of Aurelian), the Senate proclaims Marcus Claudius Tacitus Emperor. --- Bad: 0.568922, Good: 0.431078 1868 – The Imperial Russian steam frigate Alexander Nevsky is shipwrecked off Jutland while carrying Grand Duke Alexei of Russia. --- Bad: 0.906024, Good: 0.093975 1911 – An explosion of badly degraded propellant charges on board the French battleship Liberté detonates the forward ammunition magazines and destroys the ship. --- Bad: 0.998389, Good: 0.001611 1915 – World War I: The Second Battle of Champagne begins. --- Bad: 0.998591, Good: 0.001409 1937 – Second Sino-Japanese War: The Chinese Eighth Route Army gains a minor, but morale-boosting victory in the Battle of Pingxingguan. --- Bad: 0.99854, Good: 0.00146 1942 – World War II: Swiss Police instruction dictates that "Under current practice ... refugees on the grounds of race alone are not political refugees", effectively denying entry to Jews trying to flee occupied Europe during the Holocaust. --- Bad: 0.999586, Good: 0.000414 1957 – Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, is integrated by the use of United States Army troops. --- Bad: 0.794729, Good: 0.205271 1959 – Solomon Bandaranaike, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is mortally wounded by a Buddhist monk, Talduwe Somarama, and dies the next day. --- Bad: 0.820883, Good: 0.179117 1964 – The Mozambican War of Independence against Portugal begins. --- Bad: 0.977935, Good: 0.022065 1970 – Ceasefire between Jordan and the Fedayeen ends fighting triggered by four hijackings on September 6 and 9. --- Bad: 0.754207, Good: 0.245793 1978 – PSA Flight 182, a Boeing 727, collides in mid-air with a Cessna 172 and crashes in San Diego, killing 144 people. --- Bad: 0.999997, Good: 3.0e-06 1983 – Maze Prison escape: Thirty-eight IRA prisoners, armed with six handguns, hijack a prison meals lorry and smash their way out of the Maze prison. --- Bad: 0.742871, Good: 0.257129 2003 – The 8.3 Mw Hokkaidō earthquake strikes just offshore Hokkaidō, Japan. --- Bad: 0.732283, Good: 0.267717
This web application pulls today's historical events from wikipedia and runs each thru Google's Natural Language Processing API to determine sentiment. Based on the net sentiment, it tells you if today was a good day in history. Note: I exercise no editorial control over what is good, bad or neutral. It's just an algorithm. Items are updated each day at approx. 12:30am.